Thursday, January 1, 2015

Top 10 paddles of 2014 - #1

And the number one paddle of 2014 is, ta da ... a 7 day trip in Fortune Bay in July.  On Saturday Dean, Neville, Hazen and I took the ferry from Bay LÀrgent to Pools Cove with the intention of exploring every bay on the paddle back to Bay LÀrgent.  We arrived later in the day at Pools Cove so we only paddled a short distance to Lake Cove to set up camp.

It was a brilliant sunny morning Sunday when we set out to explore Bay du Nord River and visit the resettled community also named Bay du Nord.  Afterwards we paddled to Parsons Cove where we camped logging 27 kms.

On Monday we hugged the shoreline, stopped in Lally Cove and camped in Doctors Harbour.  A further 25 kms on.

Tuesday started out overcast and after probing into Belle Harbour we ended up 24 kms later in Rencontre East where we had a walk about and a take-out supper.  As we made our way to Rencontre East the fog set in and ...

Was still with us on Wednesday when we awoke.  The good weather was behind us and up to the day we had calm seas.  On the way to Long Harbour the wind came up and so did the wind waves.  We stopped to have lunch and a look around the resettled community of Stones Cove and the cemetery at Crants Cove before setting up camp in Long Harbour.

Thursday we stayed put in Long Harbour paddling 10 kms into the fjord like indentation of the sea before returning to our campsite for the night.

On Friday, the seventh day of our trip, we looked out at Long Harbour, which is somewhat protected, to see whitecaps.  We discussed options and in the end decided to give it a go.  Once we were out of Long Harbour seas were sizeable but we nevertheless decided conditions were within our capabilities.

We finished the trip 150 kms later in Bay LÀrgent where the sun reappeared as we unloaded the kayaks to return home.

This was our so-called big trip for the year.  We had a bit of everything in terms of weather, we had excellent campsites, we had a whole lot of laughs and an overall awesome trip.  There was never a question it was going to be my top paddle for the year.

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