Saturday, January 10, 2015

Black and white world

Friday night into Saturday morning it rained buckets going sideways driven by 100 km/hr winds.  Getting up in the morning it looked dismal.  About 10:00 it started to snow and the wind dropped.  The evolving wintery scene outside looked peaceful.  It called Mr. Reliable and he was in.  Then Terry mailed to say he would meet us also.

The snow began to accumulate on the ground and the kayaks,  It was ideal paddling weather.

We paddled out into the void, snow blowing in our faces.  Small waves started to eat away the snow accumulated on the deck.

It continued to snow but the small wind waves washed away all the snow on the deck.

To my disappointment, the falling snow stopped as the wind dropped.  Nevertheless, the fallen snow made sure it looked like winter.

Walls of icicles mixed with snow.  Above the rocks, the trees were lightly dusted.

Dean gave an emphatic thumbs up for the conditions.

Terry stayed close to shore in the chop.

A brief stop and we returned.  The temperature was -4C and -10C with the windchill.  We left before we got chilled.

So, that was our first paddle for the year.  Ten days in but it was an overall excellent day.

Dean also has shots of the day on his blog.


  1. Beautiful photos. Warm greetings from Montreal. :)

  2. Thanks Linda, it was fun paddling in the snow.

    Tony :-)