Friday, January 2, 2015

Paddling with Rudolph

Some of us have been meeting in St Philips on Christmas Eve for a short paddle since 2009.  Its a chance to clear the cobwebs after all the hectic lead-up to Christmas and to put some credits in for the eating which we were about to take part in over the holiday season.

Rudolph was kind enough to slot us in before having to guide Santa's sleigh on his world wide tour.

We were having a green Christmas but it looked different from ...

... a year ago when we had considerably more snow on the ground.  It was also before Rudolph bloodied his nose last Christmas Eve by running into a rock upside down *lol*  Anyway ...

... this was another year with six of us taking part.  Hazen did his bit to Christmassy up the event by securing a wreath on his deck.  Must remember to suggest next year we decorate our kayaks for the event.

It wasn't about any big paddle.  There was the slightest of winds from the north so we took our time going towards Portugal Cove.  While there was no snow it was cool enough for icicles as Terry explores.

Sean closest and Brian.

Dale joined us for his first Christmas Eve paddle.  Always enjoy other people taking an interest in somewhat of a novelty event.

Sean and Hazen.  All Hazen wants for Christmas is a new hip and his Torngat kayak repaired to look like new.

An hour later taking our time we look into Portugal Cove before ...

... returning to St. Philips and diving into the Christmas festivities.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and have a safe paddling season in 2015.

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