Saturday, December 27, 2014

Top paddles of 2014 - #6

On June 14th Clyde, Dean, Gary, Hazen and I met in Quidi Vidi to paddle in St. John's Bay and out to Cape Spear to check out a bunch of icebergs.  Not far from where we emerged into the heaving waters we approached this berg off of Fort Amherst.  This was the view as we approached and ..

... this was the view from Fort Amherst of the berg and our five ant-sized kayaks by the berg.  The picture was taken by David Armstrong who noticed us.  If you click on the shot and zoom in you'll see how massive the berg is compared to our tiny boats.  On the left are Clyde, Dean and myself and to the right are Hazen and Gary.  Check out how I got a copy of the picture here.

Paddling on towards Cape Spear we neared another iceberg and ...

... another made up of four towers that warranted ...

... further investigation.  The sea was heaving up and down and washing between the towers as we floated drinking in the images.

There was one more huge berg right in the middle of the bay we had to check out.  As we made our way out to it the heaving sea made it disappear and reappear paddling either in the troughs or crests of the swells.  Finally, we made our way back and ...

... visited the first berg again with a view of Signal Hill and the entrance to St. John's in the background.

The paddle was special for two reasons: first the size and shapes of the icebergs we checked out and, second, the visit to Cape Spear, the most easterly point in continental North America.  That's why its number 6 on my list of top 10 paddles for the year.  Here and here are the links to the original posts with more shots.


  1. Hey Tony, it was also special because it was the first paddle for Hazen and Miss PJ...

  2. Yes, I mentioned that in the original post. And, now she's in sick bay!

    Tony :-)