Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Top 10 paddles of 2014 - #10

Its that time of year again when I begin to take stock of my paddling year.  And, its been an excellent year for sure.

My number 10 top paddle of the year was a paddle seven of us did on 23 November from St Philips to Topsail Beach and back.  Its a well worn paddle destination.  Even so, it seems there's always something different to enjoy.  We started off in choppy seas caused by the southwest wind.

Close to the shore it was confused as swell rebounded off of the cliffs and surged over and around rocks.  Offshore not so much in the longer wavelengths.  Hazen, fresh from and adventure with the rocky shoreline when he broke up his kevlar boat, paddles furthest off shore in his standby poly kayak..


On that day the sea along the shore made for tricky conditions.  The waves collided with the immoveable rocks creating clapotis.  It was one of those days when I felt as one with the sea paddling right next to the cliffs revelling in the ride.

Nearing Topsail Beach the water flattened out a bit a we paddled under the dominating Topsail Head.

We stopped at Topsail Beach for  stretch.  Neville somehow managed to put himself in the water an had to swim himself and his kayak into shore.  Its a given that if there's a camera around, there's someone going to take a picture of the mishap.

I've paddled either north or south out of St. Philips 15 times over the year.  Its conveniently close by when a longer drive by car isn't appealing or when the weather is off.  We have the choice in wind to paddle into it and turn back or go the short 6 kms to Topsail Beach.  Sometimes the temptation is to overlook the familiar when assessing the year.  Not this time so I'm making it, as a proxy for all 15, my number 10 paddle for the year.

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