Thursday, December 25, 2014

Top 10 paddles of 2014 - #8

Paddle wise 2014 was the year of the iceberg.  We had the wind in the right direction to blow the bergs onto our shores.  My paddle buddies and I took full advantage of the opportunity to get out among these majestic mountains of ice.

On 1 June Brian, Hazen, Sue, Tobias and I met in Flatrock to check out some bergs reported in the area.  The Flatrock coast is exposed to the North Atlantic.  Its was a lumpy ride as we left Flatrock paddling north.  After a while Brian and Sue had to leave while Hazen, Tobias and I carried on further north stopping in Shoe Cove before returning.  We had numerous icebergs to check out.

Some years we don't get to see any bergs.  When we do get them close enough to paddle out to them they end up on my list of top paddles.

Way more shots on the original posts which I posted in a one, two and three part series back in June.

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