Sunday, September 7, 2014

The trip ends in Garden Cove

We were in Back Cove on Woody Island on our return to civilization where not a stone was in sight because ...

... they were all picked up and cemented into the construction of this house by Randy Lieb.  Woody Island was resettled during the mid-1960s but a number of outsiders settled there in the early '70s including Canadian folksinger Valdy.  Lieb grew crops and raised small livestock but as the new settlers gradually left Lieb became the lone holdout until he too left all this work behind.  It appears it was a hurried departure ...

... for he forgot his watering can.  Maybe it wasn't needed at his new home?

Finished looking around, we got back in the kayaks and paddled past the rocks leading out of Back Cove and ...

... reached the shores of Sound Island.  Still on glassy calm waters we ...

... savoured the remaining kilometers of our trip.

The clouds towards Come by Chance across the bay looked ominous.

The calm water reflected mirror images of the shore.

But, all good things must come to an end as they surely were as the houses of Garden Cove came into sight.

The kayaks were run up onto the slipway and before we could all disperse we took a group photo for posterity.  From left to right its Ron, Lee, Julie, Dean, Hazen and myself.

The kayaks were unloaded, stowed on the cars and we left Garden Cove behind.  Lee went directly home.  The rest of us stopped for a meal of fish and chips to cap the trip.

It was an excellent trip.  Thanks to Hazen and Dean for organizing it and the crew for sharing the experience.

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