Saturday, September 6, 2014

Leaving Gulch Pond for home

I awoke Monday morning to the sound of rain on my tent.  It rained hard all night and I did not relish getting out to break camp in the rain.  No one else stirred so I stayed in my sleeping bag and gradually the pitter patter of rain drops slowed and then stopped.  Someone was rustling about so I got up to an absolutely still morning with fog draping the hills across the pond.

The fog and the hill were perfectly reflected on the surface of the pond.  Everyone was pleased the wind had vanished for day three of our trip and the return home.

We were even lucky with the timing of the tide as we exited the pond at slack water and ...

... entered Placentia Bay heading for Bar Haven Island.

I looked south down the bay as we crossed.  Ship Island seemed to float in space that was neither sea nor sky.

A short crossing saw us paddling along the rocky shores of Bar Haven Island.  Padding was a far cry from our exertions of the previous two days.

An hour after leaving Gulch Pond we stopped at Browns Cove to have a look and evaluate it as a possible camp site.  A saltwater lagoon diagonally split the beach in two, either side of which would make for an excellent camp spot.

The water line formed the perfect place to fold the scene back on itself.

At the top of Bar Haven Island there was some talk of what lay ahead.  It could only be Woody Island on the left and Little Woody Island to the left.  What may have confused some was the vantage point on the map didn't appear to show any separation between both islands ... until laying the paddle shaft along our intended track.

We set out from Bar Haven Island and made the short crossing to Woody Island floating in the space between heaven and earth.

We paddled down the west side on our trip to Gulch Pond on Saturday but we returned via the east side with a view of Come by Chance across the bay.

It was close to lunch time when we arrived at Back Cove on Woody Island so that's what we did before having a tour of an old homestead nearby.  There wasn't a rock in sight on the sandy beach and a piece of wharf had been blown on the beach since I was here in October of last year.

We were only a couple of hours from concluding our three day trip in Garden Cove.

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