Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Feast of salmon at Gulch Pond

After setting up the tents at Gulch Pond Dean and I started cutting some wood for a fire to roast a couple of fillets of salmon for the group supper.

Hazen and Lee tended to the fire as we continued to procure fuel all the while outside of Gulch Pond we had a lovely view.

The cook busy keeping an eye on the fire.  We needed to get some hot, glowing coals to roast the salmon.

We waited patiently and as darkness fell ...

... the salmon was close to being done.

We had a fine feed of salmon.  Enough salmon for eight was bought that was left for six of us to consume as two of the guys had to cancel at the last minute.  With our bellies full we washed down a blueberry lemon bake that Julie brought with our personal poison of choice.

The night sky was totally dark without the light pollution of city lights.  Looking up we could pick out various constellations and the Milky Way galaxy wheeling overhead.  It was a show unparalleled in any movie theater offering.

The first day of our camping weekend drew to a close as each of us made our excuses and toddled off to our tents.  Sunday would be another day in the kayaks; what to do would be decided in the morning.

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