Thursday, February 6, 2014

You can't XC ski in a buffalo herd

It was a bright, sunny and cold morning.  I phoned Hazen to see if he was interested in going to Butterpot Park to cross country ski.  He was.  So we met at the gate to the park, clipped into our skis and skied over a skim of snow on the road to the trail head with a biting wind in our faces.

Just a few pictures of a great day skiing in beautiful surroundings.

After gliding down three slopes we were down in low country and out of the wind.  We had this beautiful view at the start of the looping trail around the park campsites.

The classic track that was put in on the past weekend was still in excellent condition.  Taking pictures was very different than from the seat of a kayak.  The subject moves away a lot faster.

The trail passes through this playground that in summer would be full of boisterous children.

A long uphill slope hemmed in by protective trees.

The track curves away to the right at the start and to the left is the end of the return loop.

Butterpot Mountain for which the park is named in the distance across a snow covered bog.

Hazen and I went two times through the loop for a total of about 10 kms before skiing back up over the three slopes we came down over so easily to start the day.

You can't cross country ski in a buffalo herd.  We didn't see any buffalo, nor did we expect to, but we did see moose tracks in a couple of places.  Overall a most enjoyable day spent outside.  The 20 minute drive home was done on Cloud 9.

Thanks Hazen for sharing a super day.


  1. Nice! I have to try that someday.

  2. Great fun and so close by. There are a couple of decent slopes to ski down so its not all "work".

    Tony :-)