Friday, February 14, 2014

Ice Ice Baby

There's no paddling this weekend with wind gusts near 100 kms all weekend.  But my mind is on paddling nonetheless and in particular on paddling in ice.

I've been keeping an eye on the Environment Canada ice reports.  Its clear to see that there is a lot of ice off of the north east coast of the island.  The heaviest ice is the red segments.  Now the question is will it drift down to our area on the Avalon Peninsula where the ice is thinner and coloured brown and yellow.

Its been  couple of years since I've been able to paddle amongst the ice floes.  Here are a few shots from a few years ago that I'm hoping awaits.

Here, in Middle Cove, the ice was packed too tightly to provide room to paddle.

Next door in Torbay there was ice and open water to paddle.

Lots of open water here but ...

... more ice to explore here.  The thing I enjoy most about this scene is the opportunity to manoeuvre around ice floes using sweeps and bow rudders.

Whether we'll have ice to paddle around depends on getting the right wind to push the ice near the shore.  I live in hope.  Its a different experience with even an opportunity to run the kayak up on an ice floe for lunch.  Maybe its so enjoyable because I don't get the opportunity every year.

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