Saturday, February 8, 2014

Paddling Bay Bulls with worker bees

On Wednesday Hazen and I skied Butterpot Park.  It was a glorious day.  Hazen took a picture and sent it to the some of the working guys.  He called them the worker bees.

Well the weekend came and I joined two of them Clyde and Dean for another glorious day this time on the water.  We arrived at Bay Bulls with the put-in snowed in.  The thermometer registered -11C.  We didn't feel it as we hauled our kayaks over the snow to the water.

There was a bit of ice on the water we had to negotiate to get out.  The sky was oh so blue without a cloud to see.

We started up the north side with the intention of returning down the south side which would give us a bit more protection from winds that were forecast to come up.

The further we went towards North Head the cliffs got higher and draped with walls of ice until  further along yet they ...

... came down to sea level.  Near North Head the sea became more active.

We arrived at North Head with the lighthouse coming into view.

The plan was to cross over to the south side but that crossing was deferred.  We instead paddled north and entered Dungeon Cove and then ...

... into Freshwater Cove again dominated by icicles.  At Freshwater Cove we returned to North Head and crossed in strengthening winds to the south side of Bay Bulls.

The south side was also draped in icicles like at the mouth of this cave.  I entered and looked out towards the north side in the distance.

At times the going was slowed by slob ice on the water.

Clyde ponders whether there was enough water to get between these snow and ice covered rocks.  There wasn't.  Dean was ready with the camera to catch the action if there was a comedic event.

Clyde and I checked out some other nooks while Dean paddled ahead.  There aren't many take-outs in Bay Bulls.  Dean found this one where we got out for a ...

... stretch and quick snack.  We didn't stay long to give the cold a chance to give us a chill before we ...

... returned to the put-in where we had parked our cars.

It was an amazing day.  We saw some hikers probably on snowshoes, shouting out to each other, maybe congratulating each on getting out on such a cool winter's day.

Clyde treated Dean and myself to coffee.  I drove home a wide grin on my face the whole way.


  1. We are the hikers who saw you guys kayaking below us.. We were cheering for you as you braved the cold ocean below us.. We were not cheering for each other. We snowshoe every weekend weather permitting even in the winter.. Will post some picture I took of you guys later on.... What a nice day...

  2. That's amazing Alick that you found my blog after seeing us on the water. Maybe you misunderstood but I was certainly also saluting your group for being out to enjoy enjoy the day.

    We were not cold dressed in two layers and also in drysuits. I would absolutely like to see some of the pictures you took.

    Enjoy you hikes.

    Tony :-)

  3. Thanks Tobias see you maybe next time.

    Tony ;-)

  4. Awesome Tony & Company. Fantastic pics. Glad you guys are getting out there and enjoying the weather. Cheers.

  5. Thanks Brian. It was supposed to be something like -17 - -19 with the wind chill but the absence of wind made it quite enjoyable.

    Tony -)