Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Comrades in paddles

Enroute from Great Island to LaManche Dean and I passed the 1,000 kilometer mark for the year.  Tobias was paddling along with Dean and snapped this shot of us having a congratulatory handshake.

Dean and I have paddled just over 50 day paddles for the year starting in January.  We've paddled in freezing temperatures, rain, wind and calm and sunny days.  There have only been 3 or 4 days when we did not paddle together or in the same group.  I made up the difference by myself so we'd reach the milestone together.

Dean is a true kayakoholic and a valued friend and paddling buddy.  Here's to many more kayak adventures and thanks Dean.  Thanks also to Tobias L for the use of this photo.


  1. Right back at ya... the kayaking addiction runs deep...

  2. Thanks Dean, I'm happy to have that addiction too!

  3. Congrats guys, awesome milestone. Thats a lot of time on the water, well done.

  4. Thanks Brian, that's a lot of paddle strokes too!