Saturday, November 30, 2013

A first taste of winter

Today the forecast was for 15 - 20 knot winds.  The temperature was -2C when we landed at St. Philips and -7C with the wind chill.  It was familiar territory but it was a convenient spot to clock some more kilometers.

We left the harbour with the winds WNW in choppy seas for Topsail Beach.

It was interesting paddling.  I felt in the zone.  We arrived at Topsail Beach with me having taken one picture.  Paddling south we were paddling into the sun; not optimal for taking pictures.

We had a quick snack huddled down on the downwind side of the beach out of most of the biting wind.

With the sun behind us now I no longer needed to squint to see where I was going.  Bottom to top, Jake, Dean and Brian paddle along the sun drenched hills.  Though it was sunny the temperature didn't make it above zero C.

The camera rarely captures the sea state accurately but this comes close.  Moments later Dean found himself unwittingly ...

... almost getting washed up on the rocks.  Some frantic ninja backstrokes and he was safely out of the rocky grasp.

Behind the rocks it was calm.

Dean arrives.  We were almost back at St. Philips.

After stowing our gear and loading our kayaks we stopped for coffee in the welcome heat of the "By the Beach Restaurant".  Brian also treated us to a large plate of French fries that were fried crispy golden brown which we ate overlooking the cold windswept sea we had just been immersed in.

It was cold but comfortable.  It was cold and its going to get colder.  The paddling will continue nonetheless.


  1. Weird, it doesn't look cold in the pictures. But I know just how cold -2 are. Nice pictures, though!

  2. Hi Tony every camera I have ever used flattens the sea! That looked a great paddle. :o)

  3. Certainly a bit of snow and ice would add to the atmosphere Mia. Cold enough for it but it was dry.

    Douglas, I think the way to go in capturing pics of the sea state is to use a GoPro and select individual frames. Picture taking in active water can be risky so I try to snap a few and then hope. The more the camera is out the more chances for an unscripted roll.

    Tony :-)