Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Sister golden hair surprise

Sunday, on our return to St. Philips, we stopped for a bit near a bed of sea weed.  The sun penetrated the clear water highlighting the life under the surface.

I stuck the camera underwater and took a bunch of speculative pictures.  Some were not very interesting but several were.  This one just had the right amount of light that gave an interesting effect.  I also like the mirrored reflections on the underside of the surface.

In a group there isn't much time to lollygag because the group just continues on and then I'm continually playing catch up.  But, on a solo trip when there are no pictures to take of kayakers there are opportunities to stick the camera under water and see what happens.


  1. I saved a copy of this pic and then rotated it 180 degrees... kind of interesting that way too..

  2. Tess also mentioned that on Facebook.