Thursday, September 12, 2013

A record Thursday evening turnout

We've been averaging 6 - 8 paddlers all summer for Thursday evening practices at St. Philips.  Sometimes we get 10.  This evening we had 15.  It was an excellent turnout.

It was an excellent turnout not only for the numbers but also because it was blowing hard all day and that usually means smaller numbers.  But, the wind dropped over the later afternoon and was gone when we arrived.  We didn't have conditions but it was still an enjoyable evening on the water.  Its always good to get in the kayak.


  1. I checked my log book when I got home... there have been some evenings we've had 11 and 12 (not many)... 15 was a great turnout.

  2. Hope it builds from there for the rest of the four sessions.

    Tony :-)