Friday, August 17, 2012

Merasheen, here we come

The breadcrumbs

Last year when we circumnavigated Long Island we looked over at Merasheen Island from Welcome Beach and vowed to make it the paddling destination for this year.  We spent the winter looking over maps and planning the trip to Merasheen.  Finally, the departure date arrived and Hazen picked me up at 5:30 on Saturday (August 11) to rendezvous with  Clyde, Dean and Neville for the drive to Arnolds Cove from where we would do the crossing.

 Loading the gear

We quickly started loading the kayaks after we arrived at Arnolds Cove.  We were all apprehensive about whether all our food and gear would fit in the boats as we piled it next to the kayaks.  Luckily we didn't have to leave anything behind.


Boats loaded and on the water, we conferred on bearing and ...

Foggy horizon

... left Arnolds Cove behind heading for Bordeaux Island, half hidden in fog on the horizon.  The island would be our jumping off point for the crossing first to Long Island Point.

Bordeaux Island

This was it, time to take the leap.  From Bordeaux Island we struck across Placentia Bay towards Long Island 6 kms away on a heading of 240.

Bread and Cheese Islands

Dean leads the way.  We'd paddle keeping Bread and Cheese Islands on our starboard but they are still a long way off yet.

 Long Island Point

Arriving at Long Island Point, the biggest part of the crossing was complete.

So far, so good

I like open crossings.  I like being on the open expanse of the ocean.  It makes me feel small.  But they can be tricky if caught by unexpected wind so its always a relief to reach the safety of land.  We paused briefly in this small cove before beginning the shorter 3.5 km crossing to the top of Merasheen Island.

Merasheen arrival

Dean and I arrived before the other guys.  Slightly shrouded in fog we could see down the west side but we were headed down the Central Channel on the east side of the island.

Up close

I paddled up close, reached out to touch the island and grabbed a handful of seaweed.  The circumnavigation was starting.


  1. So you're back - hope you had a great trip! I was wondering over the course of the week how you made out. Look forward to see further posts...

  2. Tobias, we had a fantastic trip. I think you'll agree with that assessment as I get the pictures posted.

    6 days and 150 kms and my shoulder held up.

    Tony :-)

  3. Glad to hear the shoulder held up. I read Dean's and your new posts with a bit of jealousy - looks like really great time!

  4. Don't be jealous Tobias. I didn't run off for a week kayaking when my children were young and I don't regret it. I'm doing this now that I'm older and have my family raised. You'll be in that position too and let me warn you, don't blink, it won't take long.

    Tony :-)