Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ashes to ashes

Piled up

On the fifth night of our trip we again had a fire on the beach.  It is as much a part of our kayak trip as the paddling itself.  Before it got too dark we gathered wood for the fire and piled it near where we intended to have the fire.


At the appointed time the smaller wood is put into a small pile and we light the fire.  Its just getting underway.  Also at this time we pour our first drink.

Adding wood

Once the smaller stuff gets going we start adding the bigger stuff.

More like it

After adding the bigger sticks the fire takes on a life of its own.

Its at this point where the fire becomes entertaining.  We all peer into the fire as if it was a habit engrained in our DNA.  And, surely it must be after countless generations of our ancestors huddled around fires for warmth and safety from the wild animals and spirits lurking in the shadows.


When the fire burns down near the end of the night and its safe, Neville surprises us with some Jiffy Popcorn.


As it gets late and the fire is on its last legs we scatter the ashes for safety sake.

The ashes pulse and glow.  I take a picture that reminds me a bit of something Hubble might take a picture of - millions of stars.  So, in a way our fire has come full circle.

It would be our last fire for the trip.

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