Sunday, January 15, 2012

A tale of two paddles

Dean in the sunshine

Today it was a tale of two paddles. Part 1 - a leisurely paddle along the south side of Bay Bulls.


The sun was out but it was low in the sky putting us in shadows as we puttered along checking out caves.

Gary chatting it up with Dean

We took our time in calm waters but it started to cloud over.

Checkin' out a cave

Some of the guys went to check out a cave as Neville, Gary, Dean and I waited outside.

Dean entering a hidden cave

A very narrow entry into a cave that opens up like a cathedral once inside. The entrance is just wider than a kayak.

Great big cave

This cave had a much bigger entrance with a vaulted ceiling. A swell was running outside the harbour and we began to feel it as water surged into the cave.


The swell turned to foam as it met the rocks ...


... which is just fine with Clyde.


The cliffs sheltered from the sun were covered with icicles where water poured off the land.

This was the end of part 1 of the paddle. Things would go downhill from this point making it part 2 of a tale of two paddles.

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