Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The battle is joined

Near St. Philips

We've been having practice sessions at St. Philips for three years on Thursday evenings. Its a chance to learn or hone skills in challenging conditions but in relative safety.

Lately we've been getting getting grief from the Harbour Authority at St. Philips over launch fees. They want us to pay the same launch fees as the largest traillered boat the harbour can accommodate. That's just absurd in my opinion as a kayak causes absolutely no wear and tear on their facilities. What it is is a cash grab by a bunch of wankers with a little bit of power.

Their annual general meeting is tonight and a few of us will be there to argue our side. Should be interesting as I'm told some of the Board members have a gene pool as deep as a rain puddle.


  1. Guess you were right on the "wanker" part!!!


  2. Ya Sean, but we may have the last laugh after all. I'll keep everyone posted on developments as I make a series of phone calls.

    Tony :-)