Saturday, May 21, 2011

After the lessons

In the action

Pretty lonely here today as some of the guys have gone to the Atlantic Canada Paddling Symposium in Traytown area. I didn't go, I felt there wasn't enough value in it for me for the money.

That raises the question - does instruction make us better paddlers? Yes and no. Instruction makes us better paddlers IF we practice what we've picked up in the instruction. Taking lessons doesn't make anyone a better paddler no more than does reading a book.

Take the bow rudder. Having been shown the proper technique its important to practice first on calm water and then progressively in increasing wind and waves. Sweep, plant paddle. Yes, I see that. Its the practical application that teaches you to sweep on the back side of a wave and plant the paddle in the next oncoming wave. Edging away from an approaching wave to sweep may have you practicing swimming instead.

I don't think they tell you that.


  1. Instructions makes the practicing easier and you might develop your skills faster. There is a nice symposium in Sweden in September. Go for that instead! :)


  2. Instruction does shorten the learning curve. A trip to Sweden, that would be sweet but unfortunately won't happen this year. Too many commitments at home.

    Tony :-)