Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dining out

No supermarket in sight

We're taking an extended kayak camping trip at the end of the month. That requires packing enough food for the trip. Space is limited in a kayak. Camping gear, extra clothes, first aid supplies and food have to crammed into a small space. Economy of volume has to be considered for all necessities.

Some food will spoil if not kept cool. Some food like canned food is bulky and heavy. The preferred choice is dehydrated food. Commercially prepared dehydrated food is very high in sodium. Home made food must be prepared and dehydrated. I've found another option.

I shopped yesterday at a bulk food vendor. There I found two soup bases very low in sodium. I added beans, soy slices, lentils, mixed vegetable flakes, barley, rice. All I have to do is rehydrate the food and combine for a complete meal. I'll start with a soup base, add beans and the other purchases in various combinations to give me some variety. Further variety can be had by adding different spices. For example, adding some peanut butter, lime juice and chili paste gives the dish a Thai flavour.

It may not be 5 star dining but it won't be bland either.


  1. How long are you guys goin for?Where you headed? Me and rob and the boys are heading for a short 3 day in trinity bay at the end of the month as well.

  2. Lee we're going to take the ferry from Burgeo to Rose Blanche and then paddle back to Burgeo. We'll paddle 4 days and one day to hike in Grand Bruit.

    Tony :-)

  3. There's some great books from backpacking that have do it yourself recipes. You don't have to dehydrate most of them. They're good. They're light. I'll try to find the title for you.