Monday, June 15, 2009

Kellys Island evening paddle

Monday evening, little wind, longer evenings ... a perfect evening for a paddle out to Kellys Island in Conception Bay. Dave joined me at the put-in in Long Pond for the paddle. We weren't alone on Conception Bay on our way over to Kellys Island. Here a Penney Ugland tanker waits its next assignment as its riding high and empty.

There was a bit of wind lop from where I don't know. There was very little wind, at most 10 km/hr.

There was a good swell (totally unexpected) on the south side of the island where the water was shoal.

Dave showing good form in planting the paddle in prep for a forward stroke. I've been reading Doug Alderson's book on Sea Kayak Strokes too much! I'm starting to sound like Doug.

And, we're round.

The orange and green reflected from the tanker on the water was striking.

Dwarfed by the Penney Ugland oil tanker, but we're both orange.

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