Friday, June 26, 2009

Cowboy scramble

Thursday evening we were back at St. Philips for kayak practice. Again, we didn't get wind or waves; it was flat calm and warm.

There are all sorts of self-rescues. Peter can do them all: cowboy scramble (back deck scramble-on), wet re-entry and roll and paddle float rescue and various versions thereof.

The back deck scramble on rescue is a good thing to practice and I do. But I sometimes wonder how practical it is. Its one thing to do it in calm conditions but quite another in wind and waves.

The first choice self-rescue in most kayak rescue books is the wet re-entry and roll. If you have that rescue then that's probably the first option. I think the back deck scramble-on is still a good thing to practice but more from the point of improving sense of balance.

If you're doing a self-rescue then you're make a number of mistakes already - the first is paddling alone in conditions without the necessary skills.

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