Friday, December 25, 2020

Christmas Eve paddle revival

The first Christmas Eve paddle happened in 2009.  There were five of us: Dean, Derrick, Sean, Stan and myself.  As is evident in the picture, it was also a green Christmas year.  Since then they haven't all been green.  Some were of the more ...

... of the wild and wooly kind as in 2012 when Brian's son caught Brian, Sean and myself out for a bounce.  Brian (left) and Sean (right) in the closest and myself barely visible in the distant waves.  We've put these Christmas Eve paddles of in seven of the last 12 years.  A few years weather intervened; obviously, worse than in 2012.  They haven't happened since the bounce in 2017 until this year when Sean go the ball rolling again.

It was a fine turnout.  I counted 16 but I could be mistaken as I didn't do a careful count.  As it turns out three of us from the initial Christmas Eve paddle were on hand again: Derrick, Sean and myself.

We set off towards Portugal Cove under ...

... cheerful sunny blue skies.

Shane in his beautiful Nordkapp.  We missed Dean in his as he recently had a mishap and dislocated his shoulder.  The Nordkapp has such fine lines!


Here's Sean, one of the originals, in his Black Pearl.  Glad to see him back on the water but also disappointed cause I claimed first dibs on his kayak should he decide to sell it *lol*

As we made our way northwards it became evident the swell running in from the northwest began to get bigger.  Some of us stayed a bit off the coast while some flirted with the waves crashing on the rocks beyond ...

... Cathy just past Beachy Cove.

Near Portugal Cove these rocks stand in front of a neat passage but not to be ventured on this day.  The swell rushed in to cover the rocks and when pulled back it dropped three meters.  Here Matt tickles the belly of the beast where in 2014 Dean tempted fate and managed to get through unscathed.

We paddled around and into Portugal Cove to float before heading back to St. Philips under a blinding sun.  Thanks to Sean for reviving the tradition and everyone for coming out, half of whom I had not met before but expect to in 2021.

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