Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Hummel sets sail

 Somewhere about 55 years ago my friend Louis and I decided we were going to build a raft.  We cut down some trees and pitched the logs down over the 30 meter cliff at Middle Cove Beach and lashed them together.  To our dismay the green sticks provided very little flotation and wisely for our ages, abandoned the project.

Zooming ahead 45 years I had purchased my kayak and started my kayak adventures.  A couple of years ago Louis bought a sailboat to start his aquatic adventures.  Sunday I accompanied him to Conception Harbour to witness the maiden voyage and take some pictures.

While they were getting the boat ready I paddled around close by checking out this abandoned whaling ship.

It was taking some time as would any first time so I went to check out the smell of oil coming from this containment boom.  The smell was pretty strong and maybe coming from one of the other submerged whaling ships that were left here.

Eventually I noticed some movement as the sailboat was backed up down the slipway to taste its first sip of salt water.

The mast was up but the boom still had to be inserted and sails fixed.

And there goes "Hummel" for her maiden voyage, first motoring out to catch the breeze.

Off they go the crew of four.  Makes a pretty sight with the orange mainsail and the start of a love affair with the sea!

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