Monday, May 18, 2020

Physical distancing = 1 paddle length

One of the issues for people who are adhering to the health measures to flatten the Covid-19 curve is not being able to see friends.  The five of us that paddled have been good.  Today was also the 11th straight day of no new cases and about 18 days with zero or 1 new case.

We decided the weather beckoned and given the above we decided to get out for a paddle using physical distancing.  That was easy to do on the water.

We agreed to meet at St. Philips where we were careful to maintain physical distancing while putting in and we were on our way north into a gentle breeze.

While we had the gentlest of breezes there was a slight swell running that heaved up when it hit the rocks.  There is a passage behind these waves but the first paddle in some time meant exercising good judgement until skills were sharpened after the layoff.

I thought some rocks were safe enough to get around so I went and caught Brian and Hazen who opted not to.

Derrick claimed the day was his eighth paddle of the year.  That's about eight more than he did all of last year *lol*.  We might see more of him if they don't put sailboats in the water at the Holyrood Yacht Club this year.

Brian and Dean emerge from the channel at Sailing Point.

In due course we neared our destination of Portugal Cove with the coast stretching far off into the distance to Cape St. Francis.

At Portugal Cove we bobbed around for a while before heading back to St. Philips.  This is what physical distancing looks like and may continue to look like for some time to come.  Its the new normal.  Its a shame we won't be stopping for post paddle coffee anytime soon but at least it was great to get out for a paddle with these guys.

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