Monday, May 25, 2020

Cape Broyle

Hazen organized the trip to Cape Broyle.  There were two groups to comply with health directives: one group of five and one group of one, me *lol*.  Cape Broyle is a scenic paddle destination.  It is also one of ten favourite places of our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.  If I remember correctly he had his stag party there.

Not long after getting underway I came upon this loon swimming along the shore.  It felt is was an apt representation of the loony times we currently live in.

The usual first destination in Cape Broyle is Horsechops River Falls.  Surprisingly very much subdued at this time of year given spring runoff should be underway.

We started off along the north side of the harbour and at The Narrows we crossed over to the south side.  There are a number of sea stacks on that side as well as caves and massive cliffs like ...

 ... here!

Showertime!  We each took turns under this stream of cascading water that fell from some 20 meters.  Bone chilling but exhilarating.  No chickening out was tolerated *lol*

One of a number of caves.

The destination of Cape Broyle was predicated on the tide being at maximum when we arrived.  That allowed us to get over a rocky entrance and into and thru a tunnel.  There was a little bit of wave action guarding the entrance that Clyde and I got over no problem.  The others opted to go around which was unfortunate to miss the opportunity.

This is not said tunnel but one of the caves yet, it gives a pretty good idea of what the tunnel exit looks like.

Ashleigh and Hazen are dwarfed by the sea stack as you enter Lance Cove.  Lance Cove is the usual destination and turn around point for club paddles.  We debated having lunch here but decided we'd carry on further east and have lunch at ...

... Church Cove.  We turned into the cove into a head wind and found a bit of swell made for a tricky surf landing on the dumping beach.  All hands made an uneventful landing and after lunch, an uneventful launch.

18.5 kms after leaving the put-in we were back, got out of our padding gear, loaded the kayaks aboard the vehicles and congratulated ourselves on an outstanding day, all at a safe distance apart.

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