Friday, June 29, 2018

You can't flog a dead horse

For the last nine years I've led and promoted a mid-week practice in St. Philips.  The cove there is ideal because in the prevailing winds, the cove is relatively calm whereas decent conditions can be had outside the point.  The location is great for novice paddlers as well as more experienced.  Novice paddlers can incrementally expose themselves to more challenging conditions by sticking their noses out.

This Wednesday winds were expected to be up but the forecast did not pan out.  Nonetheless some decent waves made for good surf rides but you had to be patient.

There were a scant 4 other paddlers show up this week.  We've had as may as thirteen but usually 8 - 10.  However, attendance seems to have declined over the past few years.  It may be that the more experienced paddlers feel they have gotten as much out of it as possible and newer paddlers maybe are not interested in advancing their skills.

Greg however was there trying out Paul's Makkovik kayak.  Not being used to it, he stuck around in the more calm waters getting his sea legs.  Like I said, you can pick the sea state you want to paddle in.

Paul nails a roll.  Its part of the program where we practice assisted and self rescues, surfing when conditions are right, paddling into strong head winds to build conditioning and confidence.  On calm evenings we've just gone for a social paddle with a chance to do a bit of rock hopping.

But, facing reality, you can't flog a dead horse so I've decided to stop pushing this.  Maybe someone will take up the reigns and maybe it will continue on a limited basis but I've invested enough of my time when maybe I'd have done other things but felt compelled to go anyway.

It was fun while it lasted and I too have benefited greatly.  I likely will pick my days when its too windy to paddle - but I'll be on the water catching the salt water spray.

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