Wednesday, June 6, 2018

A new boat, a new impetus?

Its been a while since I posted.  It seems a general kayaking malaise has set in here that appears to infect everyone.  But, last evening we were on the water again.  The event?  Shane took delivery of his new Nordkapp. 

Its a striking beauty with orange hull and black deck.

So, the focus was on Shane.  The conditions were ideal to put her thru her paces.  No wind but huge swell that ...

... piled up in mountainous waves as it reached the cliffs.

Dean was the first to roll the dice as he made his way into the space behind the Rock of Ages.  Massive water swept in unexpected behind him and a bunch of furious ninja paddle strokes got him out of danger.

As the "official" new boat photographer I followed Shane along the shore, both of us enjoying the action.

What goes in has to come out and so significant clapotis accompanied each crashing wave.

Shane joins the Nordkapp crew.  Here on the other side of Dean in his North Cape Jenny.  There's four of us now!

Shane put the word out that he had taken delivery and invited the regular crew to join him on his first paddle in the new kayak.  There were ...

... 10 of us to toast the new arrival thanks to Hazen who brought along a bottle of bubbly.  We rafted up short of Topsail Beach because Shane wasn't putting any scratches on her the first night by landing on the beach.

I welcome the arrival not only for the joy it brought Shane but also for what it might portend.  I'm hoping its going to make Shane a driving force to spur us on to more regular paddling.  Sometimes it only takes one to ignite the flame that seems to have been greatly diminished of late.

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