Thursday, April 12, 2018

Year 10 get off to a start

A group of us have been meeting at St. Philips one evening a week to practice paddle skills or just an evening leisurely paddle.  Last evening marks the kickoff of the 10th year.  There were years in the past when I was by myself on the first evening but there were six of us this time.

The water temperature is near 0C.  I got things rolling by jumping out of my kayak to do an assisted rescue.  It went off without a hitch.

Cathy gets around the Rock of Ages with a cross bow rudder.

The last number of day have been windy so we still had some residual wave action around the rocks.  Cathy, Peter and I had a blast doing a bit of rock hopping.

Craig and Dave made it an evening for a relaxed paddle.

Paul did the assisted rescue with me and then also made the rest of the evening a relaxed paddle.

I was apprehensive about how well subscribed these evenings would be after last year when attendance hit lows.  So far, so good but I think the water will have to warm up a bit before more people get wet.

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