Sunday, April 8, 2018

Rescuitating paddling

Saturday evening I sent mail out to 12 of my paddle mates.  Shane was the first to reply positively.  Then a stream of declines came in but in Sunday morning Cathy and Gary were in making it a foursome.  We've been woeful getting on the water this winter but with spring on the way hopefully we be paddling more frequently.

The corpse of paddling looked like rigor mortis had set in but I think we've managed to resuscitate it.

It was high water meaning we could get through passageways and channels.

It was only the fifth time I've been on the water this year.  Normally that would be what I'd paddle each month over the winter.  Over the next little while I'll have to slowly build up my paddling conditioning.

Gary goes through my favourite channel.

Arriving at Portugal Cove where we hung out for a bit before returning for coffee and a chat about the paddle.

So, it was four of us today, hopefully more next time.


  1. Thanks Tony for getting us out there today! Bringing bwck what we love so much!! The swells were fun today...Beautiful morning...good to get the season kick started again!!��...p.s.
    Shane and Gary were twins today...Good colors Shane!😜

    1. Thank you and Gary and Shane too. I don't mind paddling alone but much more fun to share the experience.