Saturday, February 24, 2018

Mother Nature, you're an eight

Mother Nature you're an eight, you'd be a ten if you were warmer.

This past Tuesday evening I went to the pool where it was nice and tropical.  Today, it was the opposite.  It was cold, snowy and blowing a bit.  As I prepared to put in I tried to put my two piece paddle together but it wouldn't lock.  The water from the pool night had frozen in the paddle preventing it from setting properly.  I blew warm breath into it trying to free it up to no effect.  Shane jokingly said "Pee into it, urinate into the paddle!".  Well, that worked.  Ah, I reasoned, it would be no less salty than the water I was going to paddle on.

Shane behind the Rock of Ages.

Dean and Terry getting round the Rock of Ages.

There's not much snow on the ground but its still winter by the look of things along the shore.

It was blowing a bit dropping the temperature to manageable but noticeable.  Every once in a while we stopped behind rocks to escape the wind and ...

... here again where massive icicles draped over the rocks.

We carried on for a bit burning up an hour before returning to grab a coffee and have a chat.

Every now and then something happens to make a paddle memorable.  Several years ago it took Dean and myself to get my spray deck on because it was so cold it froze solid.  This paddle will likely be remembered for the call of nature that came to the rescue.

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