Thursday, February 15, 2018

Arrr, no pirates

This morning, Thursday, I got mail from Dean wondering if some of us were interested in  paddle.  It was going to be a beautify day with low wind.  I suggested we meet at Long Pond for a paddle out to and around Kellys Island.  Brian was also interested so it was just the three of us.

We left the harbour and, paying no particular attention to the rules of the road, we paddled on the left by the red bouy and started our 30 minute crossing to the island.

We arrived after a leisurely paddle across the bay.  Now, Kellys Island is reputed in folklore to be a place where the pirate Peter Easton buried his loot from piracy.   In fact, he established his headquarters on Kellys Island.  He's long gone since the early 1600's.

Making landfall we made an unspoken decision to paddle around the island counterclockwise.  Setting out we spied a seal on the beach sunning itself.  Usually they are very wary but this one ...

... let us take his picture.

Sunlight behind us lit up the cliffs of sedimentary rocks of Ordovician Age.

On the north side the high cliffs hid the sun cooling us down in the shade.  Icicles also hid from the sun.

Rocks leaned over threatening to topple into the water.

There is practically no snow on the ground locally.  That is most unusual and its been off and on cold, cold enough to keep ice from melting.

Back on the south side we were back in full sunshine heading east.

There are only three places to get off the water.  This is one place.  We got out and climbed to the top of the cliffs to ...

... look around and over the waters of Conception Bay.

Back on the water and under some impressive cliffs.

We returned to the point where we made landfall and set out for the return paddle to Long Pond.  It was smooth padding on calm seas without much effort.  Fourteen kms ended with a stop for coffee before heading home.

We didn't see any pirates.  I think they may of moved to the Caribbean for the winter where its warmer.

An awesome day in weeks of strong winds had to be taken advantage of, and, we did.  Thanks Brian and Dean.


  1. Sweet! So jealous! Glad yo guys seized the day! :)

  2. I love this paddle!!! Hopecully a bit of ice now soon!😃