Sunday, October 29, 2017

Cape Broyle shows her raw side

I got a message earlier in the week that two kayak enthusiasts would be visiting over the weekend.  Between Alex, Hazen and myself we managed to get them outfitted.  I then got most of the gang together to accompany them for a paddle in Cape Broyle.

There are places on drive to Cape Broyle with a view of the sea.  I could see that a sizeable swell was running and smashing up the rocks where it met the coast, but not here as we started the paddle to ...

... the first attraction in Cape Broyle - Horsechops Falls.

We dwelled in the still waters of the small cove checking out the falls.

The usual tour of Cape Broyle proceeds up the north shore from the falls up to The Narrows where we usually cross to the south side.  In the more open crossing we got our first hint of the swell that ...

... really bashed ashore.  Paddling well offshore was not challenging but handrailing most of the way east was a blast paddling in the swell and clapotis.

While it was fun paddling in the conditions, it was disappointing that the caves along the way were not accessible.  So, we had to content ourselves with the conditions, here paddling behind the signature sea stack in Lance Cove.

The original plan was to stop for lunch at Church Cove but we felt Lance Cove offered a safer option to get off the water.  I made a perfect surf landing which immediately got less elegant as I wasn't quick enough to haul the kayak out of surf reach.  The kayak pulled out of my hand in the retreating wave, flipped on the next wave, filled with sand and water, washed up on the rocks but was no worse for wear and tear when safely pulled ashore.

We all got back on the water without incident to continue east to check out Cathedral Cave.  As we approached I watched to see what the swell was doing at the mouth of the cave.  It was ...

... doable.  It was a good swell but no breaking waves.  I entered as deeply as I dared with the sound of water booming at the rear of the cave, turned and got some shots of the crew outside.

Satisfied we turned back impressed with the conditions along the shore and the ...

... geology, here where Eleanor checked out this downward bending anticline in the rocks.

We stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat at the restaurant where we pulled tables together for 11 bodies.  Our visitors Eleanor and Monica thoroughly enjoyed their day which I gathered from their constantly beaming smiles.  They just fit in seamlessly with the group as if we had known them forever.  It was an awesome day but the best part was, I've got two new friends.


  1. Looks like some water with attitude! Hated to miss this one... Love Cape Broyle... love any paddle! :)

    1. We missed you too. Last week's bounce in St. Philips made the day a pretty comfortable paddle in the conditions we had.