Thursday, June 8, 2017

Two months done and dusted

Two months ago we started meeting at St. Philips for practice or a paddle or a social.  Its been slow to catch on this year as the weather has been so poor.  This week nine people showed up which was good to see.

The good thing about Wednesday evenings is that regardless of the weather the diehards get a chance to paddle.  Even if its too windy to paddle we beat into the wind some, turn and surf back.

There wasn't much happening as far as conditions but there was a bit of action along the rocks.  The nine of us set off towards Portugal Cove with Brian and Shane taking time to ride the surge over the rocks at the G-Spot while ...

... the rest of the gang stayed off shore even though it was safe to duck in behind remnant rocks.

At Beachy Cove we held up, waited for the two in play boats and as the sun began to set we ...

... turned to return to the cove but not before catching some more rides ...

at the G-spot.  I cut through and sat waiting to get some shots of Brian and Shane.  Trust me Brian is in there somewhere and if you click o the shot to enlarge you will see just a small patch of blue.

Timing they say is everything.  This is the best Shane could catch an after waiting a long time for something bigger, we gave up and called it a day.

The weather is improving every week.  I hope we'll see more people out as the summer kicks in.

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