Saturday, June 17, 2017

A hoard of kayaks descends on Conception Harbour

The first club paddle of 2017 began today in Conception Harbour.  It was Cathy's first time planning and leading a club paddle.  I counted 27 kayaks.  I may be off one but either way it was a fine turnout.  With that many kayaks there was a bottle neck on the slipway so it took a while for everyone to get on the water.

Cathy met with the sweeps before we put in and called for everyone to raft up for the day's paddle plan at the shipwreck in Conception Harbour.

Leaving Conception Harbour we rounded Middle Point to paddle into Middle Arm.

We checked out some "shacks" in Middle Arm paddled up the east side of the Arm and reached the light at Ballyhack Point.

There was some talk of stopping at Broad Cove for lunch but Cathy decided Ezekiels Cove (Newfoundland pronounciation "S euh gulls").  Under bright sunshine we each got out our fare for the day.  It was so good to feel the heat of the sun on my back after the cold spring we've endured up to this point.

At Avondale Cathy wanted to feature the adit of an old mine so the curious got out to have a look.  It goes in some distance but not all accessible.  A sign just inside asks explorers not not go further because there is a colony of bats at the end.

Inside looking out at the less curious who stayed in their kayaks.

The club paddle is a Paddle Canada level I paddle.  The wind was starting to pick up so we paddled along the Goat Shore towards Salmon Cove where we crossed back across Gasters Bay to return to the take out at Conception Harbour.

Level I paddles are by their nature held in benign conditions and rather short.  It topped out at almost 13 kms, short but sweet and met the bill. A great job by Cathy rewarded by a huge turnout.  Thanks to everyone for a most enjoyable day.


  1. Glad to see there was a good turnout... and good on Cathy for taking on the leadership role of the annual Father's Day weekend paddle.

    1. She did a super job, a well organized paddle with a clear plan.