Friday, May 19, 2017

Slim pickings on a Thursday evening

This week Wednesday was Thursday.  That is to say, we did Wednesday evening practice on Thursday evening due to a conflict with another club event.  Turns out, it may have contributed to a small turnout this week.

This week it was just Brian, Craig and myself.  Slim pickings, and not the musical kind.

No matter.  I did my first dozen or so rolls in the ocean this year.  The water temperature is just above zero, maybe 2 - 3C.  I tried to stay upside down for 10 seconds but brain freeze set in at 6 seconds (which Brian measured) before I righted myself.  At those temps its really a matter of mental control.

It was Craig's first time so we went through a couple of rescue scenarios.  First Brian jumped out of his kayak and talked Craig through a between the kayaks re-entry.  Brian was in his Karma RG so that exercise didn't include dumping the water out.

Then my turn to jump in.  I turned my kayak upside down and talked Craig through the emptying procedure and got back in.

These Wednesday evening practices are a chance to advance the skills of novice paddlers and to also make sure our own skills have not rusted over the winter.  When the need to perform a rescue arises is not the time to learn how to do the rescue.  It needs to be rehearsed in controlled conditions so that it becomes second nature and runs smoothly.

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