Thursday, May 4, 2017

A slow start to Wednesday evenings

So we're four weeks into our weekly practices at St. Philips and so far there hasn't been much interest.  Each evening its only been four people showing up.  Last evening it was Brian, Clyde, Dean and myself.  Here Brian launches himself into the soup.

Clyde and Dean showed up in their rock hopping short boats.  They had a lot of fun but its not so much fun in the long boats.  At least not as many opportunities because of the need to pick your spots; a long kayak doesn't turn as nimbly.

Clyde and Dean found a spot riding pour overs.  Brian and I had enough and ...

... went for a short paddle to fill the time.

It hasn't been great weather and maybe that has kept some people away.  There has been a lot of ice blown in this year and it has kept temperatures down.  I expect a late spring as a result and possibly a late surge in participants.  But there are a few diehards and we'll be here when they show up.

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