Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wednesdays begin

Every Wednesday each year for the last eight years an informal group has met mid-week to practice kayaking skills.  Last evening was the first for 2017.  It was cold and damp but four of us showed up for a paddle.

Usually we'll practice rescues, paddle strokes or just blast into the wind and waves to catch surf rides.  As there wasn't much in terms of conditions we just went for a paddle up the shore.

The last almost two weeks Conception Bay has been chocked with ice; as it was Tuesday when Brian, Sue and I paddled.  A day later and there was mostly open water but along the shoreline ...

... a good bit of the ice remained.

Most of the ice is one year frozen sea ice that has drifted in our direction from the northeast coast.  Its pan ice that normally is a meter plus thick but some of it was substantially thicker; kayakers for scale, though ...

... some of it must have bits of iceberg in it?

Shane takes possession of an ice floe.

In warmer weather we'll do a bit of rock hopping but this evening it was ice hopping, looking for ways through or over the ice.

We went as far as Beachy Cove before turning around to head back.

It was a small turnout for the first Wednesday evening but it was admittedly rather inclement.  Thanks to Brian, Shane and Terry for sharing the evening.

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