Friday, March 17, 2017

Trip 2017

Since 2010 I've done an extended kayak camp trip, except last year.  I'm determined not to let that happen in 2017 so we are looking at the Conaigre Peninsula at the head of Fortune Bay.  In particular, at paddle from Harbour Breton at the lower left to Pools Cove upper middle.  The coastline is better seen by clicking to enlarge.

This year it looks like we'll have a change in personnel as Neville can't make it and Dean looks to be doubtful.

Hazen and I identified the target location but we'll need to get together with the other guys to may more definitive plans so that everyone is happy with the plan.

One of the features on the area are the three resettled communities in the bay namely: Little Bay West, Miller's Passage and Red Cove.  Visiting these resettled communities is a key interest of mine because I am interested in seeing these isolated places and marveling at the resourcefulness of the people who survived there.

This is an aerial shot of Miller's Passage from the Memorial University of Newfoundland resettlement website.  Not great quality but a not so bad representation of where 138 to 153 people lived between 1921 and 1945.

This picture from Google Earth by "2rabbits" shows the area near Miller's Passage.  Catching a day like this on our trip would be a bonus.

Looking in the direction of Red Cove by Terry Clarke posted on Google Earth.  Looks like spectacular scenery.

After getting around the more exposed coastline we'll be paddling by occupied communities connected by road to the outside world.  This an island off of St. Jacques by Mikhail-Kolnik.

Further along past Belleoram we'll pass by the imposing hill called Iron Skull Mountain, picture by 3Neurons.

The trip will finish at Pools Cove which happens to be the beginning point of our trip in 2014 so we'll be closing part of a circle.

It looks like a trip to look forward to.  The planning by filling in the details adds to the excitement and anticipation.


  1. I know what you're trying to do!!!!

    1. Guilty as charged *lol*

      Can't blame a guy for that hey?