Saturday, July 23, 2016

Too busy to paddle?

I didn't paddle last weekend and it doesn't look good for this weekend.  The last time I paddled was a Wednesday evening 10 days ago.

I'm tied up with a major project - re-shingling my roof.  The only opportunities I see until I get it finished is on an evening (that should be fun after being on the roof all day!) or on a heavy rain day when I won't work.

I'm just sayin' to let anyone dropping by know I have not given up paddling or posting, I've just faced up to reality and responsibility.  My posts until I'm done will be a bit hit or miss.


  1. Tony you can have some of our rain in exchange for a little sun, our summer is pouring away...

  2. That's a deal if you can deliver next Saturday *lol*

    Tony :-)