Wednesday, July 6, 2016

One night on Kellys Island (Part 3)

We hit the sleeping bags around 2:00 am.  I awoke 6:00 ish and lay looking at the roof of my tent for a while before getting dressed and packing drybags and stuffing the sleeping bag into the compression bag.  Then I quietly unzipped the tent door and looked out upon the world and the start of a new day.

There was no sign of Cathy or Gary so I went on walk about but Cathy, as it turns out, had already been out.  I saw footprints through the grass.  I looked back at our tents between the two trees, took a snap.

At the cliffs edge I looked back at the tents of Ant City perched 30 meters above the water of Conception Bay.  I ...

... zoomed to catch the tents on top of the cliff and the kayaks nestled in the grass just above the beach.  Click to enlarge for the full effect!  A bit of a climb to lug the tents up but well worth the view.

We took down the tents and carefully making our way down the steep cliff face carried our gear down to the kayaks and readied to return home.

Not content with a straight line, rapid return we paddled around Kellys Island alongside the gently dipping sedimentary beds.  Along the way we noted numerous places where rocks clung precariously to the cliffs threatening to fall on any unwary paddler.  We stay off a bit just in case.

Nearing Easter Beach we were ready to begin our short 3 km crossing back to Long Pond.  Paddling into a slight headwind we made the crossing in 30 minutes making an average of 6.0 kms/hr.  Cathy and I exchanged knowing glances off and on; I was impressed with the speed she kept up.  Rikki cut through the small wind waves like a hot knife through butter.

Red ... Right ... Return.  At the red buoy we stopped for several minutes before entering the harbour.  We drifted slightly towards the green buoy which made us look slightly ignorant of the rules when a large craft came up behind us.  Oh well!  Image is not everything.

Back in the industrial complex of Long Pond and back to civilization.

Twenty-six hours earlier our bows were pointed away from the beach.  We were back from our one night camp trip to Kellys Island.  It was a short 26 hours but we packed so much fun into those hours that it seemed a much longer trip.

It was a nice break, speaking for myself, as I had spent a frustrating time hooking home to town services.  I felt refreshed (*lol*; private joke between ourselves) and ready to take on the world.  This trip shows its not necessary to go far afield to get in a super night, not on the town, but out of the town.

Thanks Cathy and Gary for a most memorable trip and a thousand laughs.


  1. I so wanted to do this camping trip... we've been talking about it half of forever. From your posts it seems to have been just about what I pictured it would...

  2. Yes Dean I know its been in the works for some time. That doesn't mean we can't do it again sometime. Its close by and doesn't need a lot of planing.

    Tony :-)