Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wild and wooly Wednesday

The Wednesday evening forecast was for north winds 40 kms gusting to 60.  That wind direction is directly into the harbour exit which could make it problematic for exit and reentry.  I went to have a look at 2:00 pm to evaluate the situation and decided to can it for this week.

Some people didn't get the memo and mailed to say they would be there.  Cathy was coming if she could get her kayak on her car in the wind.  Terry would also be there.  Neville showed up unannounced which was a most pleasant surprise.  It was a bring the kayak kind of thing and see if conditions allowed us to go.  Now you know that was going to happen anyway.

Cathy led us out of the harbour as swell rolled into the channel.  I didn't take the camera out but recorded some video and here are a few stills I exported.

Cathy and Neville taking a first run in the wind and waves.

Some waves were very steep so it was up ...

... up ...

... up and ...

... away.

Terry watches as breaking waves approach and ...

... climbs over.

Not vertical but climbing out of a canyon of water as the bow gets swallowed by water.

We were out for about an hour before calling it an evening.  As suspected the return to the boat basin was going to be tricky as waves hit the piers at the channel entrance and washed over.

Cathy sent this shot of Neville, Terry and I taken from the end of the pier and ...

... the three of us explaining the conditions.  Even here we had to hold a rope to keep from being blown away as we chatted.

It wasn't for the faint of heart but the four of us took up the challenge and felt better for doing so.  It was challenging for sure but the wind was in such a direction that if something bad happened it would blow us onto the beach beside the harbour.

A special shout out to Cathy who was out with us when a lot of guys wouldn't even consider it.

Some video to come.


  1. Great Blog Tony! Awesome to get some shots that really show the size of the water and the conditions!!
    I love Neville's expression going over that wave! :) ... and your bow being swallowed! :)
    ... The mound in the channel!!! So good to see it was real! :) Thanks to the 3 musketeers for a great experience!!!

  2. Sometimes the size of waves is subject to exaggeration but seeing Neville's kayak on that wave adds scale.

    And, thank you for your enthusiastic approach to all things kayak.

    Tony :-)

  3. Oh man... So dissapointed I couldn't join. Looks like you guys had a blast. Great blog Tony!!! Big conditions=Big FUN

  4. Shane, the conditions were made for you but the timing was off as far as your availability, but not abiity. There will be other opportunities.

    Tony :-)