Sunday, June 5, 2016

Hercules comes to town

Since April 1st I've been keeping an eye on the iceberg maps provided by Environment Canada.  I've been anxious to see how many bergs we'll get in our area this year.  It wasn't looking good for our immediate area so earlier last week when Shane reported on an iceberg in Bay Bulls AND the presence of semi-submersible drill rig I knew I'd have to hit Bay Bulls this weekend.

Seven of us met at Bay Bulls and after putting in we headed out the harbour on the non-descriptive north side.

The iceberg was anchored off to our right which we bypassed for a visit later in the day.  As we came around one last point the iron island which was West Hercules floated on the horizon.

She was moored out in the middle of the harbour so we left the shoreline and made a beeline for her.  In January of 2013 I did a paddle in Conception Bay out to the drill rig West Aquarius.  Now I was going to meet her sibling, though it was her fraternal twin West Hercules.

Back in 2013 as I approached West Aquarius I was warned off when I got too close.  This time we must not have looked to pose a threat in our posse of seven compared to my lone wolf stalking.  I wondered after what they would have done had I kept on coming.  Ram me? *lol*

We hung around for a while until I had enough and made my way back to shore.  Interesting features were waiting exploration like ...

.. this spot which led behind the rock in front of my bow and out the other side.  I looked around and the rest of the gang were further up the coast and missed this treat.  I paddled in behind and ...

... caught West Hercules between this rock and hard place.

I emerged to find Cathy coming my way and together we explored this second collection of passages.

We continued out along the north side until we reached the open ocean and the lighthouse at North Head.  She was rocking and rolling for our short paddle north to ...

... enter Freshwater Cove.  There was some huge swell running and in close by the shore the clapotis was making it interesting.  To starboard I watched the rest of the gang rise then disappear behind the swell.  I waited in the cove as they began to arrive.

Some of us answered the call of nature before leaving to paddle to across Bay Bulls harbour where ...

... West Hercules floated in the distance.

We got a nice push from the swell speeding our arrival at Baboul Rocks and the first iceberg we've seen for the season.  This is just a taster; you'll have to come back for the iceberg pix.

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  1. Cathy:

    "Great Chapter 1 of an Epic Day!!!
    Thanks for getting them up so quickly Tony! :)
    WHAT A DAY!!! :)"

    Tony: Thanks Cathy! I sent the original message into cyberspace and couldn't recover it.