Monday, March 14, 2016

Paddling in Cape Broyle with Snow White and some of the dwarfs (Part 1)

Last summer I met Cathy and her brother one evening when I was out by myself.  After that she joined us for our practices on Wednesday evenings and became one of the regulars in our group.  She told us today that her mother said he was Snow White and we, the guys, were the dwarfs.  She even had dwarf names for us.  

Today the dwarfs Derek, Gerard, Shane and I paddled in Cape Broyle with Snow White, a 75 km drive out of town.

We put in on the south side as where we usually put in was chocked with ice.  We crossed to the north side to check out the falls where the Horse Chops River meet the sea.

As we approached the falls we were thwarted by ice in the cove, ice formed from the fresh water floating on top of the heavier salty brine.  We had to bypass the falls and made small of it by saying there wasn't much water flowing.  It was a bit like the grapes that hung too high and therefore were probably too sour to eat anyway.

At the narrows we crossed over to the south side again and made our way east along the icicle festooned cliffs.

Winds were southeast and light snow was falling.  For the most part we were out of the wind but we couldn't avoid the snow that started to ...

... accumulate on the rocks.

Cathy checks out the "Devil's Nostrils".

Derek and Gerard seemed to be constantly ahead of Cathy, Shane and myself as we scooted through rocky openings taking our time to enjoy the time on the water.

Its been cold forming masses of icicles.  Here there was still some running water which we took advantage of to cool down *lol*

There were caves to explore and ...

... ice walls to admire.

Along the cliffs we were protected from the southeast winds for the most part.  As we entered Lance Cove we felt the wind and snow.  An eagle sitting atop this seastack was as undeterred by the weather as much as we were.  For a long time as we approached it didn't move but at one point we got too close and it took to wing as we watched in awe.

Normally we stop in Lance Cove for lunch.  Gerard suggested we carry on to Church Cove.  The snow continued to fall and really began to deck the rocks clinging to even the steepest cliffs.

Eventually we reached Church Cove where we ...

... took out to grab a bite to eat.  The cove was full of seals, well, there were a dozen or so, that came close to check us out.  Shane threw an apple into the water.  One seal played with it but wasn't interested in the fruit.

Church Cove wasn't the end of the line as after our break we'd be off to check out Cathedral Cave, which is aptly named.


  1. Great pix and a spectacular winter paddle!! Thanks Tony-Happy, Shane-Dopey, Derek-Bashful, Gerard-Doc, and we all missed you Dean-Grumpy :) You guys are the best!
    Till next week,
    Snow :)

  2. Yup, it was the best day yet this year.

    Tony :-)