Friday, March 25, 2016

Best Friday paddle

Today is Good Friday.  Good Friday is a statutory holiday that most people get.  In my opinion, every Friday is good but when you have it off, its Best Friday.

The call to paddle went out.  Only Dean and Tobias answered the call.  The others were unable to attend for a number of reasons.

Today was also the first day we had calm winds all week.  The last three days we had Force 7 - 8 winds with gusts to 8 - 9.  At its peak the low pressure system had wind gusts at 60 knots.

In addition to the wind, it has been cold with wind chills near -20C.  The combination of wind and cold caused the salt spray to freeze to the rocks.

While the wind did drop, it was still cold.  Not too cold to paddle but my thumbs did protest.

The calendar says spring has arrived but Mother Nature failed to notice.  We've paddled all winter but Dean and I are in agreement that we're ready for some warmer weather.  Until that arrives we'll continue paddle in anticipation of balmier weather.


  1. So nice to see! I hope you got your thumbs warmed up! :) ... and a feed of Fish N Chips "By da Bay " :) Thanks for posting so quickly! :)

  2. No "fi and chi" yesterday. The restaurant was busy, busy, busy with cars parked everywhere. They would have told us tea or coffee drinkers to get lost and make room for the bigger spenders.

    Tony :-)