Monday, November 9, 2015

Bonavista Bay 2015

The thing about labels in Blogger is that entries with the same label are listed in reverse order.  So, in order to provide a chronological order of the trip I'm doing a bit of maintenance and posting a summary.  Each link will open in a new page.

In August 2015 we did a four day kayak camp trip to the Flat Islands in Bonavista Bay.

Day 1: Burnside to Bloody Point - Link

           Bloody Point to The Beaches - Link

Day 2: The Beaches to Flat Islands - Link

           Walkabout on Flat Islands - Link

Day 3: Exploring around the Flat Islands, Part 1 - Link

           Exploring around the Flat Islands, Part 2 - Link

Day 4: Flat Islands return to Burnside - Link

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