Monday, November 16, 2015

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

It has been windy around here lately so there aren't many paddling opportunities especially on the weekends.  Sunday there was a chance in the morning before more wind was expected to arrive.  It was a raw morning when we arrived at St. Philips - -4C with the windchill and wet.  Shane wanted to try Brian's kayak so we went up the shore a little in waves surprisingly bigger than the wind should have been whipping up.

There were a few whitecaps and with high tide when the waves hit the rocks it made for interesting places to paddle.

A couple of kilometers up the shore we had a chance to practice a rescue as Shane jumped out of the kayak.  Brian and Dean ...

... sprang into action as Neville hovered close by waiting for ...

... Shane to scramble back into the kayak.  All of this near shore in waves the camera doesn't do justice to.

We returned to the cove to play behind some rocks as the waves curled around the point and over the submerged rocks.

Dean and Shane emerge through the surging waves.

Shane started paddling this past summer would you believe?

Just before we called it a day Brian shows Shane the best way to do a between the boats rescue for the next time he gets the urge to get wet.

Like I said it was cool so after changing back into our street clothes we went for coffee or tea to debrief the morning and warm up.  Clockwise from left to right it was Neville, Dean, Brian, myself and Shane.

My GPS showed a scant 8 kilometers but we got out and had a bit of fun bouncing around into the wind a bit, playing around the rocks and doing some rescue practice.

Dean has some more pics on his kayakohilic blog.


  1. Gosh you guys are keen! Hardened athletes I would say. :o)

  2. One thing for sure, there were no flies out!