Saturday, September 19, 2015

Placentia Bay 2015: Straight through the channel to Toslow

After our lunch stop in Presque Harbour we on the water again on our way to Toslow.

We exited the protected waters of Presque Harbour and back into Placentia Bay paddling south along the coast.

When we met on a cold, wet January morning to discuss options for this year's trip, I believe it was Hazen who referred to the Newfoundland folk song "The Ryans and the Pittmans".  The pertinent lyrics being:

"We'll rant and we'll roar like true Newfoundlanders
We'll rant and we'll roar on deck and below
Until we see bottom inside the two sunkers
When straight through the Channel to Toslow we'll go."
So, as we approached Toslow we left the shore to paddle out beyond the two sunkers (rocks just below the surface that will sink the unwary marriner) to ...

... paddle between the two sunkers (one being out of the water due to it being low tide) and ...

... straight through the channel to ...

... Toslow we'll go.

What started as a conceptual goal in January was realized.  The only way to realize goals is to make it happen, and we did.

Inside Toslow we landed on the beach to scout about.  We walked over a small rise to find ...

... this fine looking cove.  That settled it.  Sand Cove would be our home for the night.

Looking out through Sand Cove.

Hazen, Neville and I climbed the hill above Sand Cove and Toslow to see if we could get cell phone coverage.  It was time to communicate with loved ones to let them know we were safe.  Looking back I caught Sand Cove on the front left, Toslow on the front right and barely in view, Presque Harbour in the distance.  The proximity of the three bodies of water can be seen in the last Google Earth image at the bottom.

Blueberries were plentiful on the hill.  I was lucky I had a small sandwich bag in my pocket so I picked some for blueberry pancakes the next morning.

A totally awesome day ends with our usual fire and consumption of medicine.

Here are the breadcrumbs for Wednesday, day 5 of our Placentia Bay adventure.


  1. How neat is that, to go check out the place in this tune... I hope you guys are still up for paddling when my kids are big enough for me to go on extended trips like this one ;)

  2. I hope so too Tobias. Just in case be prepare to tow *lol*

    Tony :-)